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MLM Recruiting...How Narrow Is Your Target?

Author: Benjamin Bradley

An MLM Recruiting lesson from my recliner.

As I was sitting in my favorite recliner watching The Maury Povich Show, ( don't laugh you watch it too) something dawned on me. Maury thinks I'm unemployed. Not only that, he believes I should file suit against every employer and doctor that I've ever known!

Why do I say this? Every commercial is some fly-by-night vocational school, and William Shatner endorsing some ambulance chasing lawyer! I quickly changed the channel(looking over my shoulder) before anyone else saw me watching this dreck!

Luckily my finger was already on the ‘last channel' button so I was quickly whisked back to All My Children. Literally, every commercial was the same thing. The only break from it was Maury telling me they would be taping in my hometown of Stamford, CT. and how to get tickets. Great, once I leave, the circus finally arrives!

There is a MLM recruiting lesson here folks…believe it or not.

You see, I am so well trained, I can find a teachable lesson out of any trainwreck. Maury wasn't the first talkshow to exploit folks who can't figure out who the baby's daddy is. He just mastered it.

If you remember back when Maury first started, he was featuring all kinds of hot messes. He touched on all the important topics like "My 12 year old is a whore" and "Former gang members who win the lottery".

But Maury zeroed in on a topic everyone can appreciate. "I have a secret, you ain't my baby's daddy!" Maury has his own personal paternity test clinic for heaven's sake! That's all his shows are now.

Every shows brings a new woman, or a returning tramp, who after being sure 12 times, still can't match DNA with the father. I'm getting to the MLM recruiting lesson I promise. Maury hit a niche within a niche and has beaten that horse for over 5 years! Not only did Maury hit a niche, but so did the advertisers.

We all know that during sports events, beer commercials come on. Soap operas bring out the Kotex. Yes we know that advertisers go for the audience that is tuning in. But have you ever seen an hour show where there are only two or three advertisers?

They have zeroed in so tight, that I realized after I watched the same three commercials, one for Everest College, ITT Tech, and some local law firm pitched by William Shatner, that this must be the HUGE majority of viewers. People out of work and those looking to sue somebody for a trumped up excuse!

You would imagine that Crest or Colgate would advertise to these folks, but they must know that regardless how bad these people need their product, they don't consume their product! Ditto for the dentists! How well do you know your audience?

MLM recruiting is all about catering to the people who will consume your product, not just those you THINK should consume your product.

Well, another literary masterpiece on MLM recruiting. Going back to the top of this article, I guess I was embarrassed because I was ever so briefly in among the target audience. Good thing I quickly switched to the morally bereft All My Children where at least I can watch the classier moral decline of young women. The women on All My Children probably use Crest or Colgate.

MLM Recruiting is the base for every successful network marketing endeavor.

Learning to target your audience to its narrowest denominator is key. Click on the link to get a FREE copy of Social Media Mastery, where you will learn, using social media platforms, MLM recruiting, If this was informative, or at least entertaining, please let me know in the comments section. Heck, tell me your favorite episode of Maury.

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