Blogging for Busy Small Business Owners Made Easy

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The internet is just waiting to deliver customers to your website. But how will those interested in your product or service ever find it? Blogging is the single most effective way to drive traffic to your website. Informed readers will be more inclined to find you an authority on the subject they are searching for. This will lead to sales. I will share my methods and suggest a few ideas for what to blog about.

1. Blogging Host There are many choices for blog hosting. If you have a main business website, a second blog could help to bring more awareness to your site and business page. The two most popular choices for hosting are Word Press and Blogger. You can host for FREE on either, but only Blogger allows you to use your own domain for FREE. With WordPress, you must find a separate hosting company and configure the host setup before you can even customize the page. I use Blogger.com for all my web blog pages

2. Blog Topics This should be easier than you think. Your business should be your expertise and your passion. And there are many things you are able to tell the readers about what you offer in your business. Examples could include giving readers FREE TIPS to accomplishing something using your product or service. Sharing success you or others have had with the opportunity is also another subject. Readers love to hear about personal stories and happy endings. There are other times when giving something away for free, like an E-BOOK that explains "secrets" to something not only will win over readers but also help you to get a boost in newsletter email list submissions.

3. Social Sharing Now that you have written a great post, make sure you provide readers a way to share your information to others. Blogger provides plugins for all the popular social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Buttons at the bottom of your posts for "Digg" should also be provided. Digg is another version of a social site that allows users to VOTE ON interesting articles by submitting them back to the Digg website. If you don't provide these plugins, your readers generally won't help you to spread the word on your information. These three plugins are the most important and popular to use on your blog. Don't forget to share your information on these same portable with your connections. You can set up the plugins to automatically send information to the social sites automatically, saving you time.

4. SEO Search Engine Optimization or SEO basically means you've designed your web blog to adhere to industry standard practices that help search engine spiders (software) find and index your site properly. This is how your website comes up on Google and Bing. They come to your website and visit it to determine what it is about. Generally, the best common sense practices in regard to blogger are to title your posts properly. Use nouns and adjectives that describe your post best. Upload images pertaining to your posts every time, and make sure those images have a proper name related to your post. Make sure you post title comes out first on the top of the browser title bar, instead of your website name (Google for this blogger tweak) and send a basic site map to Google (register for Google.com/webmaster and Bing.com first)

5. USE VIDEO Creating video is now easier than ever. You can record video sessions of you speaking while doing a presentation on your computer. There is free recording software to do this online. Also, you can buy an inexpensive HD camera and record yourself speaking about some important matter that relates to your business. Or if you are a retail shop, showing behind the scenes footage of your establishment always intrigues viewers of all types that may be interested in learning about what you offer. The best website to host your videos is YouTube. It is very important to Title you video for the most traffic. Adding a large description and proper tags will help you to find new viewers. The first thing you should place on your description is you website link starting with with "http:" This will create an easy link viewers can click to your homepage for further information.

6. BE CONSISTENT Make a time to post a blog. Make it a habit. Make it give your readers some instruction, insight and deliver it in a sincere and unique way only you can deliver. Several blog posts a week would be sufficient. And if you want more ideas for blog topics, use Google alerts. This service can send you a daily email of links to key words or phrases you want to track on the internet. The links to other articles or posts and news items will help you to find new ways of connecting to your potential customers.

7. INTERACT If your readers are leaving comments on your posts, make sure you comment back. Especially if your blog posts are somehow explosive or cause divisions or polarization among your readers. Be polite and to the point, sharing your experience and information with those who do not agree with you. Address questions made to you directly, and give all your readers a chance to understand the reason you've posted something that may not go well with everyone.

7. RUN CONTESTS Give your readers something to celebrate when they win a contest prize! You can provide any sort of product or service to your most devoted audience. You can also run polls, and query your readers about a certain subject. Ask political questions, as they may pertain to your industry or business. Polarizing your audience can really get them to comment!

8. Create Twitter / Facebook Pages As we stated above, social plugins are important to get your information flowing through the social web. But as important is having a presence in places where your readers are. Create a Twitter and Facebook fan page account for your blog/website. This is a great way to move your content on to the other mediums and find even more folks interested in what you have written. They can share the information and repost to others who can head back to your website to learn more. Your postings on your blog can automatically appear on these pages for further syndication.

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