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Do You Really Want To Make Money In MLM? Treat Your Network Marketing Business Like A Real Business!

Author: Kim Volean

Most of the people I know who are in the network marketing industry are great people. We all share the excitement of financial freedom and entrepreneurship that motivates us to want to do more in our lives. I also notice that most people who want to make money in MLM don't treat their network marketing business like a real business!

There are so many network marketers who spend time hoping for their dreams to come true but they don't spend consistent,focused time on the money making activities that will bring them closer to their financial goals! I believe this may partially be true because they don't know how to run a real business!

I cannot tell you how to run a business in this article because of time constraints but I can offer some tips on how to make money in MLM and where you can learn to treat your network marketing businss like a real business. Once you really get this, you will see your business transform!

First, you need to focus on the money-making activities of the business. They are getting leads, following up with your leads and current downline organization, and creating effective marketing campaigns. When I say focus I mean spending at least 65 to 70% of your time on these activities. Learn how to prospect, the importance of follow up and creating good marketing techniques that you can see results from. Follow the way successful people in your MLM company have reached their goals, go onto their blogs and read about their stories to get helpful, free information you can apply to your own network marketing business. You need to be resourceful in your own business and you will need to learn to research and educate yourself!

Another thing you will need to do is be sure you know your tax write offs and other types of business tasks to run the fiscal portion of your network marketing business. This is a real business! You need to keep good records of things like: samples you have bought for promotions, business expenses and other business costs. Which brings me to business organization.

Record keeping is also important to track your progress so that you know the activities that are working for you and those that are not! For instance if you have been able to enroll 30 people over 3 months from participating in expos and you have kept records of this and then you compare it to visiting a number of networking events where you did not enroll anyone from them. You might focus a little more on participating in those successful events. See what I mean? This process takes a while to get enough records to see a pattern, but this type of record keeping can mean the difference between an MLM business that grows very slowly with a ton of effort for each person enrolled or a fast growing, money-making machine that runs very smoothly because you are only focused on the things that make money in MLM!!

So my advice to you is to educate yourself, focus on the money making activities, keep good records for the fiscal portion of your business and know exactly what is working for your business and what is not. Then stay away from what is not working and run towards what is working! Remember, you can hope you will be financially free all you want, but it is those who actually treat their network marketing business like a real business who come out the winners in this industry!

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About the Author

Kim Volean is a successful Network Marketer who who is dedicated to helping others achieve their financial and business goals. Learn how easy it is to effectively market your MLM business online, without spending a lot of money and wasting your valuable time!


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